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At 2Lines Logistics, we are committed to delivering world-class logistics and freight services across Saudi Arabia. With a deep-rooted passion for excellence, unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, and a robust network that spans the entire kingdom, we are your go-to logistics partner

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Our Journey and Commitment to Excellence

Welcome to 2Lines Logistics: Your Trusted Partner in Freight and Logistics Services in Saudi Arabia

We uphold the highest standards of honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct in all our dealings
Our commitment to punctuality and consistency is un wavering
We embrace technology and innovation to enhance our services continually
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GACA - Certified Shipping License

The General Authority of Civil Aviation has recognized our commitment to adhering to the highest safety and security standards in the freight and logistics industry. This certification authorizes us to provide certified shipping services in accordance with the provisions of the Saudi Arabian Civil Aviation Act and the rules and regulations promulgated there under

Unparalleled Safety

Your cargo's safety is our toppriority. With our certified shipping license, you can trust that we meet and exceed the strictest safety and security standards


We are fully compliant with alllegal requirements, ensuring that your shipments are handled in accordance with aviation security regulations

Peace of Mind

Our certification offers you peace of mind, knowing that your freight is in the hands of a trusted and recognized logistics partner

Benefits for Your Projects

Having a certified shipping license in the Aviation Security sector opens doors to exciting opportunities and projects that demand the highest level of security and compliance. When you choose 2Lines Logistics, you choose a partner with the qualifications and expertise to handle even the most sensitive and high-value shipments

Trust in Our Expertise

With our certified shipping license, you can have confidence in our ability to provide secure and reliable logistics solutions for your business. Whether you are in the aerospaceindustry, government, or any other sector that requires stringent security measures, 2Lines Logistics is your ideal choice

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Ready to discuss your logistics needs or projects that require the utmost security? Contact us today to learn how 2Lines Logistics can add value to your operations and provide the peace of mind you deserve


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